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 Rhoads Siegel Architects
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Our portfolio represents a range of building type and project scale, from a 20,000 square foot science research and teaching building to a residential kitchen remodel. The common denominator that ties the work together is the pursuit of design excellence.


Rhoads Siegel Architects is dedicated to design excellence in architecture and the allied arts. We approach all projects, large and small, in a holistic way with attention to the design, the management of the process, and the crafting of the building. Successful projects need to do everything well. Every project begins with a clean slate and is ultimately defined by its own unique circumstances and parameters which include the client, program and site. We pursue a process that seeks innovation based on solving problems specific to a project’s or client’s needs. We use a palette of form, light, space, color, and materiality, and do so with a wise use of scarce resources. We are grounded in the importance of being on-time and on-budget and at the same time are passionate about design and doing beautiful work. We believe you can and should have it all.

Rhoads Siegel Architects is committed to rigorous collaboration with our clients in all phases of the design process. The goal is to produce exceptional work that honors the intent and the needs of our clients with a sense of shared ownership.