Rhoads Siegel Architects


Waidner Admissions House

Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA


The existing Waidner Admissions House, built in 1912, was renovated and expanded with a 4,500 square foot addition. The 10,000 square foot project consists of a modern addition, comprised of black trespa panels, aluminum panels and sunshades, contrasting the existing white stucco, traditional house. This juxtaposition of old and new, demonstrates to prospective students Dickinson’s commitment to sustainability, design and forward thinking while maintaining and celebrating its rich history. The floor plan of the building was reorganized and designed to support the interactive culture of the college by introducing more lounge and social spaces for parents and prospective students, interaction areas in front of the offices and a new session room to accommodate 50 visitors. Other new spaces include a two story gallery transition area between the existing and new building to showcase alumni and student artwork, 10 new offices and a new conference room. The project was awarded a gold LEED certification.

“When you walk in now, there is momentum, energy and movement. It’s a space where we can create a memorable impression of a Dickinson visit. And it’s a signal; if this is the only space [visitors] are able to see on campus, of the design and standards that we are committed to college wide.” Stephanie Balmer, Vice-President for Enrollment, Marketing and Communications and Dean of Admissions