Rhoads Siegel Architects


Long Beach Residence

Long Beach, CA


The Long Beach Residence was an extensive remodel to an existing home located in Belmont Heights. The home was purchased by the client for its location, street and ocean views but required an extensive remodel to make it a beautiful and functional home for their family. The existing home was a fragmented and disorganized collage of rooms that had been added onto over a series of years as previous owners attempted to capture views and add square footage. The challenge was to take the home and cohesively tie the spaces together. While 50% of the exterior walls were preserved, including a large portion of the existing sloped roof, the interior was completely gutted and reconfigured. The result was a linear t-shaped floor pan with all public spaces and a guest suite at the ground floor adjacent to two side yards and a front yard. The second level has a laundry, bath and two kid’s bedrooms. The third level master suite has a library entrance and Pacific Ocean views.