Rhoads Siegel Architects, Inc

•  Kaufman Hall Phase I, Dickinson College, PA
•  Kaufman Hall Phase II, Dickinson College, PA
•  Althouse, Dickinson College, PA
•  The Trellis, Dickinson College, PA
•  Founder’s Hall, Dickinson College, PA
•  Waidner Admissions House, Dickinson College, PA
•  Rubendall Recital Hall, Dickinson College, PA
•  Rector Complex Phase II, Dickinson College, PA
•  Witwer Hall, Dickinson College, PA
•  Adams Hall, Dickinson College, PA
•  Long Beach Residence, Long Beach, CA
•  Culver City Residence, Culver City, CA
•  Corona del Mar Residence, Corona del Mar, CA
•  Long Beach Residence 2, Long Beach, CA
•  Hollywood Riviera Residence, Redondo Beach, CA

Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects, LLP 1990-2007
•  Chemistry Building Expansion, U of A, Tucson, AZ
•  Thomas W. Keating Bioresearch Building, U of A, Tucson, AZ
•  Medical Research Building, U of A, Tucson, AZ
•  Biological Sciences Building, UCR, Riverside, CA
•  Entomology Building, UCR, Riverside, CA
•  Psychology Building 1, UCR, Riverside, CA
•  Engineering Unit 2, UCI, Irvine, CA
•  Natural Science Building, UCI, Irvine, CA
•  Humanities and Social Sciences Building, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA
•  The Donald Bren School of Environmental Sciences and Management, UCSB,
 Santa Barbara, CA
•  Marine Science Research Laboratory, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA
•  Materials Research Laboratory, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA
•  Engineering Building Unit II, UCSD, San Diego, CA
•  Student Services Building, UCSD, San Diego, CA
•  Molecular Life Sciences Building (Schematic Design only), UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
•  Genentech Hall, UCSF, Mission Bay Campus, CA
•  Research Building 3, USC, Los Angeles, CA
•  Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute, USC, Los Angeles, CA
•  Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall, School of Planning, Policy and Development, USC,
Los Angeles, CA
•  Visual Arts Building, CSUSB, San Bernardino, CA
•  Cal Lutheran University Master Plan, Thousand Oaks, CA
•  Education and Technology Center, Cal Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA
•  Athletic and Event Center, Cal Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA
•  Residence Hall, Cal Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA
•  Whittier Library, Whittier College, Whittier, CA
•  Life Science/CEAR Building, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
•  Center for Nanofabrication and Molecular Self-Assembly, Northwestern University,
Evanston, IL
•  The Chemistry of Life Processes Institute, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
•  New Research Building, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
•  U of M, Palmer Drive Parking Structure, Ann Arbor, MI
•  Duffield Hall, Nanofabrication Research Laboratory, Cornell University, Ithica, NY
•  Physical Sciences Research Building, OSU, Columbus, OH
•  Lewis and Clark Library Competition, Portland, OR
•  Life Sciences Building, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
•  Natural Science & Engineering Building, UTD, Dallas,TX
•  Bratton Tennis Center, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA

Public Facilities/Recreation
•  Conference Center Expansion, Pasadena, CA
•  World of Ecology, California Science Center Phase 2, Los Angeles, CA
•  California Science Center, Los Angeles, CA
•  Peninsula Center Library Addition and Renovation, Palos Verdes, CA
•  San Fernando Valley Sports Arena, Warner Center, Woodland Hills, CA
•  Devonshire Downs Athletic Center, Northridge, CA
•  Goleta Water District, Goleta, CA
•  Bel Air Bay Club, Pacific Palisades, CA
•  San Ysidro Border Station Competition, San Ysidro, CA
•  EPICC Community Center, Daycare Center, Senior Citizens Center, Los Angeles, CA

•  New Patient Tower, Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
•  Saban Research Laboratory, Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
•  Cedar’s Hospital DTC, Los Angeles, CA
•  Cedar’s Hospital Pedestrian Bridge, Los Angeles, CA
•  City of Hope Research Building, Duarte, CA
•  Cancer Center of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
•  Missouri Baptist Medical Center Addition and Renovation,  BJC Healthcare, St. Louis, MI
•  Dallas Children’s Hospital, Dallas, TX
•  Moore’s Cancer Center, UCSD, San Diego, CA

•  American Business Bank Corporate Headquarters, Los Angeles, CA
•  Los Angeles Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles, CA
•  Los Angeles Police Department New Headquarters Facility Design Competition, LA, CA
•  Zimmer Gunsul Frasca LA Office, Los Angeles, CA
•  Catellus Union Station Office Building 1, Los Angeles, CA
•  Phizer Research and Development Campus, La Jolla, CA
•  Amgen Building 20 Expansion, Thousand Oaks, CA
•  Amgen Building 29 Pharmaceutical Research Center, Thousand Oaks, CA
•  Philadelphia Science Center, Philadelphia, PA
•  Keep Mount Plaza, JY-1, Guangzhou, China

•  FDA at Irvine, US Food & Drug Administration Southwest Regional Laboratory, Irvine, CA
•  Ronald Reagan Federal Building and United States Courthouse, Santa Ana, CA

Murphy/Jahn 1981-1986
•  Liberty Place, 1650 Market St., Philadelphia, PA
•  Phase III, S.O.I.C. CTA Station, Chicago, IL
•  Frankfurt Hyatt Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany
•  AMAX Coal Company, Indianapolis, IN
•  Esplanade, Phase I, Houston, TX
•  Two Energy Center, Naperville, IL
•  Northwestern Terminal Project, Chicago, IL
•  362 West Street, Durban, South Africa
•  F’ Block- North Loop, Chicago, IL

Gunnar Birkerts & Associates 1980-1981
•  University of Iowa Law School, Iowa City, IA
•  Uris Library Addition, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
•  Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, Detroit, MI
•  Chapel for the U.S. Army Corps, Frankfurt, Germany

Jerde Partnership 1996-2002
•  West Hollywood Gateway, Hollywood, CA
•  Collier Center, Phoenix, AZ
•  Oita Parkside City, Oita, Japan
•  The Palms Casino and Resort, Las Vegas, NV
•  La Reve Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Additional Work
•  Renaissance XVI, La Jolla, CA
•  The Promenade, Carlsbad, CA
•  Hatteras Street Town homes, Los Angeles, CA
•  Redwood City Condominiums, Redwood City, CA

•  3032 Palos Verdes Dr. West, Palos Verdes Estates, CA
•  1505 Carmelita, Redondo Beach, CA
•  722 9th Street, Hermosa Beach, CA
•  Smith Residence, Fallbrook, CA
•  Affleck House Restoration, Bloomfield Hills, MI
•  Innovations in Housing Competition 

•  Starman Residence, Birmingham, MI
•  Scharf Residence, Huntington Woods, MI
•  McCarthy Residence, West Bloomfield, MI
•  Elias Residence, Huntington Woods, MI
•  MacDonald Residence, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
•  Foster Residence, Royal Oak, MI
•  Schmoyer Residence, Birmingham, MI
•  Petigrew Residence, Berkley, MI

•  IDM Office Building, Garden Grove, CA
•  Carlsbad Airport Center, Carlsbad, CA
•  Pan American Center, Yangon, Myanmar
•  Nikos Center, North Hollywood, CA
•  Toro Building Addition, San Diego, CA
•  Neilson Industries, San Marcos, CA
•  Lee’s Aquarium, San Marcos, CA
•  Tuli’s/Ideal Plastics, San Marcos, CA
•  Sound Image, San Marcos, CA
•  Southwest Traders, Rancho California, CA
•  Melles Griot, Carlsbad, CA
•  Lot 63, San Marcos Industrial Park, San Marcos, CA
•  Deer Springs Industrial Park, Escondido, CA
•  Thompson Advertising. Farmington, Hills, MI
•  AIA Office Competition, Orange County, CA

•  Adams Nursery School, Birmingham, MI
•  Adams School, Birmingham, MI

•  Carson Commercial Center, Carson, CA
•  San Marcos Freeway Retail Center, San Marcos, CA
•  Tout’n Tennis, Birmingham, MI
•  Pine Lake Country Club Outdoor Tennis Pro Shop, Orchard Lake, MI
•  Main Street, New Baltimore, MI
•  Mike Gestoff, Birmingham, MI
•  Harris Antiques & Weaponry, Birmingham, MI

•  Square Lake Racquet Club, Bloomfield Hills, MI
•  Vic Braden Tennis College, Palm Desert, CA
•  Vic Braden Tennis College and Research Center, COTO DE Caza, CA
•  Birmingham Racquet Club, Birmingham, MI